Graduated compression stockings and bandages reduce the bad effects of the high venous pressure that comes to the surface through the saphenous or perforating veins. The stockings can be used to tightly cover the skin and press the walls of the varicose veins closer together, which helps blood flow in the veins.

Many types of surgical support stockings are available. The choice depends on how bad the symptoms and problems are. Whichever type is chosen, the stocking should be fitted for the patient. Tightness should be checked by the surgeon. For patients with disease of the deep veins, wearing support stockings is often the only treatment available.

The type of bandage chosen depends on how tight it needs to be. Bandages are more useful for treatment of venous ulcers. The bandage must be firm and should cover all the leg from the toes to at least the knee and often above the knee.

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